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Whirl Tower

It's a new full-scale Rotor Test Stand for performing track and balance operations on production helicopter blades in South Korea. This, nearly 50 ft tall, “Whirl Tower” features a 4000 HP direct drive electric motor, six component balance, and complete control and data acquisition systems. Designed in 2015, installed 2016, certified 2017.


  • 14 m blade height (46 ft)
  • 3000 kW electric motor (4023 HP)
  • 6.6 kV Variable Frequency Drive
  • Custom 6-component balance
  • Custom control and data acquisition systems
  • 64-channels of telemetry
  • Optical blade tip tracking


Photos from Whirl Tower construction, June - December 2016

Photos from Construction (June - December, 2016)


Satellite photo from March 18, 2016 (Google Earth, 2017-11-22)

Aerial Photos, Completed Fence…


Local news coverage of new Whirl Tower, from October 2016

Screen Captures from News Video link (2016-10-10)