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Tree Towers

Tree Towers designs towers, bridges, decks, swings and unique structural features.

 Treetop Observation Tower at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Treetop Observation Tower at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge


Tree Towers creates innovative structural features: elevated and suspended decks, observation towers for beauty, shade and the view, exhilarating swings and zip-line rides, wildlife or bird watching platforms, functional and attractive footbridges for crossing streams, rivers or gullies…

Our designs are tall, suspended and otherwise exotic. The tower features are flexible in application and can present spectacular views from the treetop or mid-canopy level. These are unique concepts that blend natural beauty with structural elegance - great for impressing guests, entertaining friends or just relaxing in a treetop retreat.

Tree Towers designs custom features for private and occasional public clients. We complete smaller projects ourselves and collaborate with regional contractors on the large ones.


Jerry Schiller (father) and I founded Tree Towers, LLC in 2003. The company is based outside of Charlottesville, VA. I accepted a position at ATI in 2005 but continue to help as needed:

  • Finite Element Analysis - performed linear static stress and buckling analyses on lightweight bridge and tower structures, connections and parts to predict stress and deflection and to evaluate alternative designs (examples...)
  • 3D Modeling - created and maintained computer models of design concepts for use in analysis, visualization, archival and for creating shop-ready drawings
  • Patents - produced illustrations for two separate utility patent applications, identified prior art, composed technical descriptions to guide the attorney, reviewed and generally oversaw the process
  • Code Compliance - learned and applied building code and design specifications to the sizing and analysis of structural members (IRC & IBC 2003, AISI 2001, AISC 1999 LRFD)
  • Organization - formed the LLC, authored and maintained all documents including: website, logo, ledger, business cards, warranty agreements, receipts and part details, sourced supplies: steel, software, polymers…


Photos of example Tree Towers projects

Photos of example Tree Towers projects

Short Video: Tree Towers Swinging Zip-Line Ride