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February 2020

Calspan Press Release (from, 2020-02-21)

All Weather Flutter Exciter

Calspan has released a new line of All Weather Flutter Exciters, which perform just like the industry standard Exciters used in flight testing for decades, but with weather proofing upgrades and additional RTCA DO-160G qualification tests.

December 2019

Calspan Innovation Award for 2019

August 2018

Calspan Management to Employee Award - Newport News

Calspan M2E Award

Early 2017

Business card: Ean Schiller, Calspan Systems Corp. - Newport News

New business cards…

Calspan - Independent Engineering, Research and Testing Services for Aerospace and Automotive.

October 2016

Calspan Press Release (from, 2016-10-08)

Calspan Acquires Triumph Aerospace Systems – Newport News

October 4, 2016 | Buffalo, New York – Calspan Holdings, the parent company to a thriving group of entities including Buffalo-based aerospace and automotive research company Calspan Corporation, announced today the acquisition of Triumph Aerospace Systems – Newport News, Inc. The transaction was effective September 30, 2016 and the new company will operate as Calspan Systems Corporation.

PDF (2016-10-08)

February 2015

Business card: Ean Schiller, Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News

Moved to the coast and joined Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News

Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News provides engineering and manufacture of complex aerospace hardware and prototype systems for ground test and flight applications.

April 2014

Business card: Ean Schiller, MicroXact, Engineering Manager

Joined MicroXact as Engineering Manager

MicroXact, Inc. designs and manufactures semiconductor wafer probing stations for production testing and research applications. Specialized in vacuum, cryogenic, magnetic, and highly customized solutions.

January 2013

Business card: Ean Schiller, PenOut, LLC

Formed PenOut, LLC (mostly philanthropic side project)

For people who don't love technology…PenOut is the easiest way to stay in-touch more...

February 2011

Photo from 2011 Tibbetts award ceremony (, 2013-08-18)

ATI awarded the prestigious Tibbetts award for excellence in SBIR programs

Named after Roland Tibbetts, pioneer of SBIR program, Tibbetts Awards, are presented to companies and individuals from all over the United States who are beacons of promise and models of excellence in high technology… link (2013-08-18)

July 2009

Business card: Ean Schiller, Adaptive Technologies Inc., R&D Engineer, Software Products Manager

Promoted to Software Products Manager at ATI, continued Research and Development role

June 2005

Business card: Ean Schiller, Adaptive Technologies Inc., Mechanical Engineer

Joined ATI as a Mechanical Engineer

Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is a research and development firm, helping military and industrial personnel work safely and efficiently in noise. ATI is dedicated to advancing the science of hearing protection and improving combat and civilian communications… link (2013-08-18)

January 2004

PRObelay Gears logo

Created PRObelay Gears (side project to experiment with e-commerce)

Online mechanical components distributor specializing in plastic gears
  • Startup - identified an under-served market, launched a new website to offer parts, technical support, and value-added services in a convenient no-hassle format, recruited new customers with pay-per-click advertising
  • e-Commerce - hand-coded the site, produced copy and photography, optimized for usability and search engine placement while incorporating accessibility and W3C best practices
  • Pack & Ship - sourced products from manufacturers and surplus outlets, streamlined order filling and inventory management by automating a set of spreadsheets

January 2003

Business card: Ean Schiller, Tree Towers, LLC, Engineer

Co-founded Tree Towers, LLC

Tree Towers designs towers, bridges, decks, swings and unique structural features. more...

PRObelay Graphics logo

Registered domain for PRObelay Graphics, to create patent illustrations

December 2002

Logo for Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering (, 2013-12-08)

Graduated from Virginia Tech with a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering

Master's Thesis: “Heat Engine Driven by Shape Memory Alloys - Prototyping and Design” more...

January 2001

Logo for Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering (, 2013-12-08)

Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Department
Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Supervision and Instruction - handled administration & grading, critiqued writing for content and style
    • Mechanical Engineering Laboratory - required senior-level course, writing intesive
    • SAE Mini-Baja - senior project and competition involving personal off-road vehicles
    • Green Engineering Lecture Series - elective addressing environmental issues in engineering
  • CAM - launched a new CNC laboratory for freshman, evaluated and selected CAM software, setup the hardware

December 2000

Logo for Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering (, 2013-12-08)

Graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering

January 1999

Logo for Eastman Chemical Company (, 2013-12-08)

Eastman Chemical Company (Kingsport, TN)
Co-op1) Engineer in Plant Engineering, Piping group (5 months, January-May)

  • Piping - assessed layouts using FEA to simulate physical and thermodynamic loading scenarios
  • Database Programming - developed a parametrically searchable database to simplify valve selection, built on Microsoft Access, coded in Visual Basic for Applications

January 1998

Logo for Eastman Chemical Company (, 2013-12-08)

Eastman Chemical Company (Kingsport, TN)
Co-op2) Engineer in Acetate Tow Process Improvement group (8 months, January - August)

  • R&D Machine Design - troubleshot manufacturing issues with high-volume acetate fiber production


Logo for Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering (, 2013-12-08)

Graduated high school, enrolled at Virginia Tech

1) , 2)
“Co-op” usually refers to a multi-work term agreement with one employer; traditionally with at least three work terms alternated with school terms, resulting in a 5-year degree program. Co-ops are traditionally full-time, paid positions. -, 2013-12-08