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  • green field project
  • software as a service
  • project management
  • web application design
    • logic, interface, and database design
    • coding by a skilled developer, not E.S. is a simple service to track the status of parts in a project

Intro for Everyone, link (2013-12-01)

Background was conceived as a single purpose tool to overcome unpreparedness at production meetings. It's NOT all-purpose project management software. It does 1 thing: tracks the status of parts, orders, deliverables, etc. It's for people who work with multiple vendors and need to stay up-to-date.

You tell it what's due, when, and who to contact

  • Create a “deliverable” for each part in your project
  • Specify what was ordered, when it's due, and who is responsible (by their email address)

It emails your suppliers, tallies their updates, and reports results

  • emails people responsible for each deliverable
  • With one click, they report their status
  • You see an up-to-date list of all deliverables, statuses and due dates, the most actionable are at the top

The 1-click reports are concise, fast

  • It takes 1 click to prepare a status report
  • Reports are print and email-ready, and great for meetings

And it's FREE (1 project at a time)

  • saves time over contacting vendors yourself
  • Sign up in under 1 minute, no software to install, works everywhere

Target Audience

  • Engineers to follow up with suppliers, tool makers, assemblers, shippers…
  • Project Managers to always know the status of every part of the project…
  • Contractors to keep track of subcontractors, deliveries, inspections, permits…
  • Restaurants to stay up-to-date about produce and wine deliveries…
  • Event Planners to monitor rentals, catering, printing, deliveries,…
  • Students to track tasks from each team member…
  • Anyone who needs to know what's on-time, and what's not


Jill runs a restaurant. She needs 44 different items from 19 vendors to cater a party at the end of the month. She could wait and just hope that everything shows up…but if anything doesn't, the party will flop.

Jill could also contact each of her vendors every week to make sure that they're still on schedule – so if there's a problem, she'll have time to fix it – but that takes a lot of time.

With, Jill enters her deliverables and the email addresses of her vendors. The site sends those vendors an email, on a schedule she sets, and they simply click links in the email to confirm that their stuff is still on time – or if delayed, for how long. Now Jill gets the up-to-date statuses she needs, quickly and hassle free.

Demos is a simple service to track the status of parts in a project

Screen images from, (2013-12-05)

Screen recording from, (2013-12-05)

Funding was an internal R&D project at Adaptive Technologies, Inc. It was designed, built, and fully deployed by 2 people over ~2 months in 2013. ATI changed direction and abandoned all non-noise R&D projects days after went live. :-(