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  • web application design
    • interface design
    • database schema
    • coding by a skilled developer, not E.S.
  • project management
  • mass customization
  • logistics
  • 3D visuals is an online repository for 3D earshapes. screen images

Screen images from, (2013-11-24)


To make custom fitting ear-insert products manufacturers need to know the 3D shapes of clients ears. There are several ways to get that data, but once collected it needs to be stored and shared appropriately. was built as part of a NAVAIR project to streamline the provisioning of custom products across multiple stakeholders:

  • Customers order products to fit specific clients
  • Measurement teams collect earshapes from clients, per customer-specified lists
  • Processors digitize and prepare earshapes for manufacture
  • Manufacturers build the custom products
  • Clients wear the products and give feedback
  • Administrators & Researchers maintain the system and analyze data

Key Features

  • Simple web interface
  • Easily add, edit, search, and download earshape entries
  • View, zoom, and rotate 3D anatomical models
  • Create, modify, and share lists of entries between users
  • Download batches of files
  • Control access by user and stakeholder role
  • Accept files in any format
  • Store file descriptors separately from 3D objects to minimize table sizes
  • Designed and tested for the AWS cloud computing platform
  • Presented privately to sponsors, domain is no longer active (2013-11-24)

Screen recording from, 2013-03-07


We developed as a task in a larger project concerned with streamlining the provisioning process of custom products for the US Navy. Having efficient means to collect, store, and share earshape files is important to logistics.

Principal Investigator:

1 year, 2009-2010

Dawnbreaker Transitions, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2010
link (2013-11-24), PDF

Image of page 8 from Dawnbreaker publication listing award amounts

Contract covered a larger project - a subset of tasks involved