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  • 3D anatomical analysis
  • Python programming in Rhino 5
  • automated mesh model processing

Earshape Analysis Software

This 15 month effort included tasks to develop a software tool to aid in the collection of consistent anthropometric measurements from digitized ear canal shapes. The new Earshape Analysis Tool was used to process approximately 9000 digital earshape files (4500 left/right pairs). Output from the tool was tabulated to produce a deliverable dataset of all anatomical dimensions and summary statistics. The resultant dataset is expected to be useful for predicting the fit rate of a variety of insert hearing protector products.

Automated Earshape Analysis - image of a pair of earshapes Images from, accessed 2013-11-17


Funded by a Phase III contract extending from Non-Invasive Ear Scanning

Principal Investigator:

Ean Schiller
Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) N68335-12-G-0051 Delivery Order 1
15 months, 2012-08-24 thru 2013-11-24
sole source
Dawnbreaker Transitions, Volume 10, Issue 2, 2013
link (2013-08-18), PDF