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Notable projects…

Heavy Oil Burner

  • Experimental platform for combusting crude oils
  • To evaluate fuel treatments, turbine materials…
  • Sample chamber conditions: 2200 F, 300 psi, up to Mach 0.5
  • NI CompactRIO and LabVIEW-based control and data acquisition
  • Shipped to Saudi Arabia in 2019

Flutter Exciters

Flutter Exciter mounted to an aircraft wing tip (from, 2016-10-08)

  • Flight hardware for “flutter” testing
  • All aircraft must be shown to be free from flutter to meet airworthiness requirements
  • Calspan's product can excite wing, tail or fin surfaces, across frequencies and force levels
  • Used worldwide (Gulfstream, Scaled Composites, Bombardier, SAAB, Embraer, Cessna, KHI…)

Whirl Tower

Local news coverage of Whirl Tower (from, 2016-10-10)

  • Full-scale rotor test stand
  • For track and balance of production helicopter blades in South Korea
  • Designed 2015, Installed 2016, Certified 2017

Wafer Probe Stations

MicroXact Cryogenic Super-Magnet Probe Station (from, 2014-09-30)

  • Semiconductor device tester
  • Designed and manufactured from scratch
  • Probe positioning repeatable to 2 micrometers, resolution to 100 nanometers
  • Closed-cycle refrigerators for cryogen-free operation from from 4K to 480K
  • Electromagnet / superconducting magnet up to 5 tesla


For people who don't love technology...PenOut is the easiest way to enjoy email

  • Send and receive email, without typing or using a computer
  • For people who don't use computers, seniors, fans of pen & paper…
  • Product as a Service

Aw8-2 +

Aw8-2 is a hearing protector, tracks noise exposure

  • Hearing protector that monitors in-ear and exterior noise exposures, in real-time
  • (Relatively) low cost wireless dosimeter
  • Cloud-based web application

Aweighted Noise Reader

Aweighted Noise Reader desktop software for 1st generation Aegisound noise dosimetry products

  • Desktop software for 1st generation dosimeters
  • For shipboard and cases where Internet was not available

Non-Invasive Ear Scanning

Non-Invasive Ear Scanning, overview image from 2011 TAP quad chart

  • Custom earplugs and hearing aids, without goo-in-the-ear
  • Cone beam 3D medical/dental imaging
  • Image processing application written in Java with ImageJ is a simple service to track the status of parts in a project

  • is a simple service to track the status of parts in a project
  • You tell it what's due, when, and who to contact…
    • It emails your suppliers, tallies their updates, and reports results
  • Software as a Service

Comms Earplug Products

Custom Communications Earplug Images from, accessed 2013-11-17

  • High-attenuation custom earplugs with built-in speakers
  • Developed a suite of products, from need thru to first lot production
  • Ideation in Rhinoceros®, production models and drawing packages in SolidWorks®

Automated Earshape Analysis

Automated Earshape Analysis - image of a pair of earshapes Images from, accessed 2013-11-17

  • Software tool to collect anthropometric measurements from ears
  • To analyze earplug fitment across a population
  • Written in Python with Rhinoceros 5 is an online repository for 3D ear shape data

  • is an online repository for 3D ear data
  • NAVAIR-sponsored project to design a digital repository for earshapes
  • Web application to store, sort, search, share, and view three-dimensional anatomical data

Earplug Design Software

Custom Earplug Design Software Images from, accessed 2013-11-17

  • Developed software to design custom earplugs
  • Still used (as of December 2013) to create all Aegisound custom earplug products
  • Mass customization, 3D scanning, additive manufacture

Tree Towers

Tree Towers - Treetop Observation Tower at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

  • Towers, Bridges, Decks, Swings & Unique Structural Features
  • In collaboration with Jerry Schiller

Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engine

  • “Heat Engine Driven by Shape Memory Alloys – Prototype and Design”
  • Invented a novel SMA powered heat engine, Master's Thesis (2001-2002)
  • Technical Writing and Prototyping - self-funded and directed academic research, analysis, simulation, mechanical design, hands-on fabrication, testing and troubleshooting to yield a working device and thorough documentation

Photo of a prototype SMA heat engine

Photo of a prototype SMA heat engine

Side-view of SMA heat engine

Side-view of SMA heat engine