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  • product development
  • mechanical design
  • engineering drawings
  • mass customization
  • tooling design
  • low-temperature injection molding
  • custom cabling

Communications Earplug Products

In 2007 ATI launched an effort to develop a suite of communications earplug products. Audio and electrical components were integrated into hearing protector earplugs, for connection to military/industrial radio systems. The results allow people to work comfortably in loud noise while still hearing high-fidelity comms.

Aegisound CCE - custom communication earplugs Aegisound Argonaut™ IC2 - industrial communication and double hearing protection system Aegisound DANR DHP - digital active noise reduction double hearing protector Aegisound DANR DHPC - communications and hearing protection for extreme noise Aegisound T3E - talk-thru-the-ear for two-way communications 2-way comms microphone connection pendant

Communications Earplug Product images, link (2013-12-01)

Key Features

  • delivers speech, warnings, music, etc. to the “quiet side” of the earplug
  • works with radio systems and electronic devices (iPod)
  • super rugged (US Navy was our first customer)
  • custom fitting as well as generic versions
  • mass customization - manufactured to the unique anatomy of each client, in a medium-volume production process
  • manufactured by Aegisound


We used an ISO 9001:2000 certified product development process - gated design reviews, formal quality management system, etc. Key phases in the process included:

  • Identifying the Opportunity
    • What to build, for who, and why?
  • Developing Requirements
    • Create specifications with measurable product characteristics
  • Design
    • Conceptual and detailed design, prototyping
    • Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis
    • Preliminary Design Review
  • Verification
    • Create production drawings, work instructions, representative units
    • Testing: pull, wear, attenuation, environmental resistance…
    • Critical Design Review
  • Validation
    • Formal lab testing, as required
  • Transitioning to Production
    • Release formal drawing packages for manufacture

2-way Comms Pendant

Each product variant has specific purposes and specs, the 2-way comms pendant is one example:

  • earplugs for an industrial radio system with sealable port for a detachable noise canceling mic
  • highly resistant to water, sand, dust, salt, EMI…
  • stringent drop and pull test requirements, MIL-STD-810F
  • intended for low volume production
  • ergonomic one-handed operation
  • smallest size able to accommodate the connectors
  • worked with a cable manufacturer to produce the non-standard assembly
  • built an in-process testing apparatus to verify each of the 36 electrical connections
  • used low-temperature injection molding to form the pendant body

2-way communications pendant images

2-way communications pendant, design and prototype images

Example Drawings

I prefer to do conceptual design in Rhinoceros® because it's flexible for graphical construction and ideation. Final parametric modeling and production drawings are created with SolidWorks®.

Example drawings from the suite of communications earplug products

Example engineering drawings for communications earplug products