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  • noise dosimetry
  • desktop software
  • AutoIT

Aweighted Noise Reader

Aweighted Noise reader is a desktop PC application for configuring and operating Aegisound's 1st generation noise dosimetry products. It guides the user through calibration procedures, extracts and analyzes sound pressure level measurements, and graphs results. The software was supplied to the US Navy as part of a ruggedized solution for conducting in-ear noise exposure studies when Internet access was not available.

Aweighted Noise Reader, screen images

Screen images from Aweighted Noise Reader, link (2017-07-17)

Key Features

  • Desktop software for Aegisound noise dosimeters
  • Enables setting up the product and assessing data, without an Internet connection
  • Tabbed interface, tailored to the product
    • For GEN1 Headsets there are four tabs
      • Check In/Out is for checking a headset out to log noise and back in to download the data
      • Results is for viewing data
      • Calibrate is for calibrating user earplugs (and adding users to the checkout list)
      • Setup is for adjusting the Noise Standard and other settings
    • For GEN2 Netbook and Charger Kits there are two tabs
      • Results is for viewing data
      • Setup is for adjusting the Noise Standard and other settings
      • Data transfers automatically from GEN2 devices to a server inside of the GEN2 Charger Kit. There is no Check In/Out for GEN2 devices.
  • Guides users through earplug calibrations as applicable
  • Calculations include Dose, TWA, and Lav metrics, over any time period
  • Calculations support all major noise dosimetry standards from OSHA, MSHA, NIOSH, Navy‚Ķ
  • Export feature saves raw data as CSV files, for custom processing